Grow retention and build more loyalty with spartan connect

Sell Spartan Connect’s GPS product and link directly to your customers for more effective communications.Provide your customers with pertinent information about service specials, coupons, trade-in options, and events. The Spartan Connect App is branded to your dealership’s name and logo giving you one more way of building loyalty with customers.

ABI Research conducted a survey which revealed that 52% of all consumers will use mobile coupons if they have them. This means customers are more likely to respond to a mobile coupon than a phone call or direct mail. Let Spartan Connect help you and your team stay connected.

Vehicle service mileage

Spartan Connect reports the vehicle’s actual mileage back to the dealership via the Spartan web portal or to your DMS. Now service can unlock the ability to directly market targeted consumers wherever they are, whenever you want, with relevant content that far surpasses phone solicitation or printed coupons.

Service appointment

Spartan Connect opens the door to improved customer satisfaction and retention by letting customers quickly and easily communicate with service staff regarding any issue involving their vehicle. Spartan Connect already knows the customers vehicle information, which means there is no longer a need to have them call service and play the question game. Customers simply use the Spartan Connect App to describe the issues and schedule the service visit. It’s that simple, it’s that quick!
Transform your service check in process today with Spartan Connect!

Service push notifications

Spartan Connect is your electronic watchdog. As customers drive, the Spartan Connect system automatically accumulates the vehicles mileage. Your team then sends the customer a text message letting them know they have reached a particular service interval. Once notified, the customer can schedule a service visit and see your latest coupons.

Creating happier customers through effective communications

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Spartan products can add more profit to every deal, shorten the sales process, and help you keep the customer connected to your dealership.