Optimize Your Operations

With connected vehicle management

  • Your team can save 20 to 30 minutes by instantly locating vehicles for clients.
  • Service receives actual client vehicle mileage for retention programs.
  • Easily upsell the products in F&I to clients – More Margin Per Deal.
  • Deters staff joy rides and unauthorized use.
  • Value Add product on the Addendum – Non-Refundable.
  • Monitors vehicle battery – No More Lost Deals to Low Batteries.
  • Monitor and protect your vehicles with after hours movement alerts.
  • Effectively monitor and manage rental fleet health.
  • Floor Plan Audits are reduced to minutes.
  • Doesn’t drain vehicle batteries over time.
  • Instantly detects unexpected crashes or impacts over 5 mph.
  • Fleet Performance Dashboards for Management.

Spartan’s Connect Plus

is a state-of-the-art Inventory Management System (IMS) designed by dealers for dealers. When it comes to your inventory, who manages who? Stop wasting time looking for vehicles. Connect Plus can shorten the sales cycle by 30 minutes.

In the article “The Future of Auto Retailing,” Deloitte analysts shared their research revealing that Generation Y car buyers “value customer experience three times as much as vehicle design.” This new paradigm holds true for many people today buying cars.

Spartan’s Connect Plus

  • Your brand on the Sales App
  • Staff can instantly locate and manage vehicles.
  • Vehicle service mileage comes back to the dealership.
  • Easy upsell in F&I with great margins.
  • Non-Refundable!
  • Auto updates lot position based on vehicle movement.
  • The time needed for Floor Plan Audits reduced to minutes.
  • Monitors vehicle battery health.
  • After hours movement notifications.
  • Great for monitoring and managing loaner fleets.
  • Won’t drain vehicle batteries over time.
  • Monitor test drives and detects unexpected crash/impacts over 5 mph.

Deliver real value and peace of mind to your customers

  • Real-time vehicle location updates every 2 minutes.
  • See vehicle address, speed, and direction.
  • Review routes driven.
  • Find my car or Set car location to Family member.
  • Schedule your Service Mileage notices.
  • Be notified of Hard Breaking/Accelerations.
  • Receive instant notification of an unexpected Impact.
  • Review Trips, Time spent on sites and miles driven.
  • Schedule service visits with your Dealership.
  • Protects young drivers from texting and driving (*) (app installed required).
  • Monitor Zone Entrance and Exits (Receive text alerts based on Zone Entrance/Exit off schedule).
  • Dedicated emergency phone number for customers to call should a vehicle be stolen.

Free vehicle service mileage for one year, (additional years available)

Stay connected to customers via the Spartan App:

A: Push notifications to customers about service specials

B: Upgrade deals

C: Send customers vehicle values and trade in opportunities via the app

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