Spartan’s simple, yet comprehensive sales enablement platform links people, process, and technology together to create flawless, efficient execution that results in better close rates, higher PVR, and better post-sale retention.

Spartan helps improve the entire process so you can sell more cars and build more loyalty with a more effective retention program.

Sales enabling technology that helps sell more vehicles with more margin
Improves the process to reduce consumer fatigue caused by unnecessary time delays
Close more deals with more profit in every deal
Builds Customer Loyalty and Retention
Adds fresh new items to menu that emotianally excites the customers
Non-cancelable revenue for the dealership

Instantly send text and personal messages

Salespeople can send Carfax, brochures and personal messages to prospects.

Show selected vehicles with key information

Includes brochures and technology videos

Huge results: 72% response rate, 79% show rate, 32% close rate

Perfect for Internet sales and BDC too

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Automotive Spartan

Spartan products can add more profit to every deal, shorten the sales process, and help you keep the customer connected to your dealership.