Generate real income with spartan shield, an anti-theft protection product that reimburses registered customers up to $5,000 to in the event their vehicle is not recovered due to theft.

Spartan Shield is simple, affordable, and profitable to sell. Spartan Shield provides unmatched car theft protection when combined with the Spartan Connect GPS product. This product helps to build a closer more trusted relationship between consumers and dealers.

In the event of theft, Spartan Automotive provides customers with a reimbursement amount up to a $5000.00 should the vehicle not be recovered within 30 days of its being reported stolen. Spartan Automotive Technology Group will issue a check to the customer  and the dealership, ensuring both parties are compensated for the loss.

Spartan Shield provides that extra level of protection for the customer should their vehicle ever be stolen

Administered by The Spartan Automotive Group.

Protection Summary

If the customer’s vehicle is ever stolen, and an insurance company follows common industry practices, they will only cover the vehicles market value at the time of loss. This may leave customers responsible for unexpected out of pocket expenses like the insurance deductible, rental vehicle and more.


Fortunately, the Spartan Shield Anti-theft  Warranty offers customers a helping hand when it comes to minimizing their losses. Spartan Shield is a reimbursement warranty which can be applied toward the purchase of a replacement vehicle.


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