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About Us
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Manage Inventory

Manage Inventory

Increase Profits - Build Retention

Finding Vehicles

Just Got Easier

Spartan’s GPS based lot management solution installs in minutes with no cutting of wires and helps your team instantly find and locate any vehicle in the inventory.

With the touch of a button Spartan’s mobile app instantly pinpoints the location and battery health of any vehicle on or off the lot. This means no more lost time walking customers around the lot looking for a vehicle only to discover after the fact that the battery is too low to start it.

Your Empower Sales Team with Spartan’s

Sales Enablement Tools

The Spartan mobile app has a complete suite of digital tools that can help your sales team be more effective. With the app, they can access information for every vehicle offered for sale, including high-res images, trim, and vehicle specs.

Features include sending video, customized text chat, Carfax, and safety ratings, and on the spot vehicle comparisons. Use the test drive function to schedule and digitally capture a driver’s license and insurance card image.

Add More Profit to Every Deal

Non-Cancellable Profit Center in F&I

Spartan not only protects your inventory while you own it, we also protect your customer once they own it. Spartan is designed to be sold through to the customer as FamilyLync or RecoveryLync Plus.

These products are NON-CANCELABLE and provide a great way to increase aftermarket profit in F&I, they also provide peace of mind and a great value to the customer.

Super Charge your Retention Program

Automated Mileage Reminders

We make it easy to stay in touch with customers through our built-in retention tools. To start with Spartan has an automated mileage notification feature that is built into each FamilyLync system sold. By using the GPS mileage feature within the device Spartan can notify both your team and the customer when their vehicle reaches a mileage threshold. Once the threshold is reaching the customer receives a personalized “Just-in-time” text message that includes a link to the dealerships service scheduler.

Email Marketing is Out, Text Marketing is In!

Bring your dealership marketing forward with Spartan’s easy to use text marketing tools that can help your team connect, market, and retain customers. Our all-in-one text marketing tool combines text and images together to create compelling offers that produce high response rates. Your team can import lists to create targeted text campaigns based on vehicle type, year, client category, brand, or model. You can even use it for event-based messaging such as holiday sales events, trade-in requests, or lease return notices.

The Power of the Survey

With the Spartan system we also provide your team with a Survey Tool that can help them send branded text-based surveys to clients. This can help boost social media scores and capture post sale, pre-factory CSI feedback. These surveys can be automated by Spartan registrations or can be manually sent by our team based on the needs of the dealership.

Manage Loaners and Toll Costs With Spartan

Spartan’s Loaner portal offers auto dealers the latest technology in loaner vehicle management. Easily track vehicles, recover costs, and manage loaner vehicle utilization. In addition to tracking your loaners, we can help your team collect and manage toll fees in real-time removing arduous administration workloads.


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