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Why Partner With Spartan?

First, we know cars, so we intuitively know what is important to car dealers. We know that to be successful in today’s fast-paced and hyper-competitive market, we must create meaningful and lasting connections with customers. Our goal at Spartan is to help dealerships maximize revenue, operate efficiently, and retain their customers. Accomplishing that means not only having the right technological tools, but also understanding how to use them effectively within the dealership. Our idea is simple: deliver, support, and enable dealerships to be successful using Spartan’s state-of-the-art products and technology.

Manage Inventory - Increase Profits - Build Retention

More Sales, More Profit, More Retention

Find it to Sell it: Spartan provides your team with a powerful sales enablement app that is packed with tools to help staff stay communicated with clients, find inventory, and see battery health in real-time.

Sell it in F&I: Spartan is an excellent value for customers, so why not sell it through as a way of offsetting the entire cost of the Spartan System. We are very flexible and can customize our packages for your dealership so that you maximize your profit.

Use GPS Mileage for Retention: Once installed Spartan is able to capture the GPS mileage of the vehicle. This allows us to trigger service notifications based on actual GPS milage collected by the device. This takes the guesswork out sending service notices to customers.

Subprime Recovery Solutions

Our Subprime Recovery Solutions are designed to help dealers manage their portfolio of vehicles and save time on recoveries. In addition, our solution includes a unique app for sales staff that helps them be more effective during the sales cycle and communicating with prospective customers. Spartan's Subprime solution for dealerships improves efficiencies across the entire dealership resulting in financial stability and better overall business operations.

RV/Recreational Vehicles

RecoveryLync is the latest in stolen vehicle recovery technology. Offered only through dealerships, customers can now have peace of mind knowing their vehicles are protected anywhere in North America by a reliable high-quality stolen vehicle recovery solution

Add more revenue and value to every deal by combining RecoveryLync with Spartan Shield, a 50-state approved Anti-Theft warranty. Together, these products provide customers with the ultimate protection and peace of mind should the unthinkable happen and the vehicle not be recovered.

Location Technology for Powersports

Our Location Technology solutions for Powersports are designed to help dealers manage their inventory and track their assets in real-time. Our solutions include features such as GPS tracking, real-time monitoring, and automated inventory management. With our location technology, dealers can easily track the location and movement of their powersports vehicles, such as motorcycles, ATVs, and personal watercrafts, which can help to prevent losses due to theft or misplacement.

Additionally, our technology can also provide insight into how vehicles are being used and how they are performing, which can help dealers make more informed decisions about their inventory. Overall, our Location Technology solutions offer a powerful tool for powersports dealers to help them run their business more efficiently and effectively.

Power Sports

LAST YEAR, MORE THAN 41,500 MOTORCYCLES WERE STOLEN IN THE UNITED STATES. RecoveryLync provides an important layer of protection and more importantly, peace of mind. When activated, RecoveryLync can locate and assist in the recovery of your vehicle using real-time GPS that can pinpoint the vehicle location, speed and direction.

RecoveryLync is a state-of-the-art powersport vehicle protection product that allows you to locate and track your vehicle in the event that it is stolen. RecoveryLync provides an extra level of security and protection, along with the peach of mind knowing your powersport vehicle is safe when you are away.

Enabling Technology For dealerships

Enabling Technology For dealerships

Why Choose Us Committed To Take Care

Why Choose Us Committed To Take Care


Automotive Sales Enablement

The Spartan sales app is packed with critical sales enablement tools that allow associates to quickly find and locate any vehicle that is listed for sale in the inventory.

Customer Retention Solutions

The Spartan system includes a built in Text Campaign tool. Text messages are one of the most effective ways of communicating with clients.

Drive service retention with automated push notifications through the spartan saleslync app.

The Spartan Advantage

Let an automotive spartan show you how we can help your dealership.


Sales and the customer experience

With Spartan SalesLync, dealerships say it saves 1-2 car sales per month per sales person – Sales that would have been lost due to BUYER FATIQUE (lengthy waits, innacurate information or the inability to locate a car). Help your sales team pinpoint the exact location of a vehicle in seconds, and check the battery status to make sure it’s driveable. Allow them to find cars by VIN, stock number or by specific features like model and color.


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