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About Us
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Spartan Can Protect Your

Entire Subprime Portfolio

Setting yourself apart in today’s automotive retail world is harder than ever. Spartan’s Subprime management solution is designed to help you grow and protect your auto loan portfolio.

Whether is cars, trucks, RVs, or Powersport, we have the right product for your application. With Spartan your business can sleep at night knowing we have your back should the unthinkable happen and you need to recover a vehicle.


When You Need It

When it comes to protecting your portfolio, we know you have choices. At Spartan know that product reliability is No 1. Priority. When you need to find a car the device and supporting software need to be there when you need it.

We are manufacturers of GPS hardware and software unlike many other providers who are simply licensees of someone else’s product. That is important because that means we are always improving both our hardware and our software keeping you on the leading edge of what is available in the market.

Automated Mileage Reminders

We make it easy to stay in touch with customers through our built-in retention tools. To start with Spartan has an automated mileage notification feature that is built into each FamilyLync system sold. By using the GPS mileage feature within the device Spartan can notify both your team and the customer when their vehicle reaches a mileage threshold. Once the threshold is reaching the customer receives a personalized “Just-in-time” text message that includes a link to the dealerships service scheduler.

Email Marketing is Out, Text Marketing is In!

Bring your dealership marketing forward with Spartan’s easy to use text marketing tools that can help your team connect, market, and retain customers. Our all-in-one text marketing tool combines text and images together to create compelling offers that produce high response rates. Your team can import lists to create targeted text campaigns based on vehicle type, year, client category, brand, or model. You can even use it for event-based messaging such as holiday sales events, trade-in requests, or lease return notices.


At Your Fingertips

When you need Spartan, we are there whether it’s on your phone, desktop or DMS. We have applications, apps, and APIs for every scenario.

We go way beyond being able to locate or disable/enable a starter. With Spartan, you can see one or all your vehicles in real-time. Call us today for a demo.


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